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williamsport saturday. andre's kis foundations andrew's special kids foundation andrew's walk angelman's syndrome animals anniversaries anniversary announcement antigas antique antique automobile club of america antique cars antique tractors antiques appreciation april aquarius pool and spa arbor day arcadia arch street arch street bridge archetecture ardacia area area high school armory arsenic and old lace art art show artist artists arts arts and crafts ash wednesday ashkar elementary veternas day asiapacific at athens athlete of the year athletics attorneys auction auctions auditions author autisim autisim awareness autism autographs avis award award ceremonies awards awareness babe ruth bald ballerina ballet balloon festival balls balls mills soccer complex 11032012 craig s. mckibben jr.sungazette band bands barbara hudock barefoot bark barn barones beauty academy basball baseball basement bases loaded baskeball basketball basketball hoops basktball beaver area beer bell benefits 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